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The crowd votes with their clicks!

In 2018, Bodyology was chosen amongst the ‘Massage Top Ten’ most viewed YouTube channels worldwide by two independent associations.

The numbers are staggering! As of 10th February 2020, we have had:

  • 53,657 subscribers
  • 17,830 average daily views

Why we offer so many free videos?

Guys, this is part of our ethos: the commitment to help the community of massage therapists anywhere in the world.

Yes, even those who will never be our students.

Even the 13 people from Gambia who watched our videos last month. They deserve an opportunity as well.

Awards & More

Bodyology was chosen as one of the top ten YouTube channels WORLDWIDE when it comes to our quality education. Follow this link

MassageBook is one of America’s biggest educational massage apps. Bodyology was chosen for their WORLDWIDE Top Ten list of massage education video sites.

Urban Massage is Europe’s largest agency. Listen to their testimonial. More...

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