Introduction to Massage Course
Course Summary

A one-day course for a complete beginner, suitable for those who:

• Consider taking the massage diploma course & want a taster day

• Want to learn to give a great relaxing massage for family and friends

Most of the day will be spent giving & receiving massage, so prepare your hands!

On The Course You Will


We start with the tutors’ demonstration. Then students practice in pairs while tutors supervise them.

We teach massage from the ground up, starting from how to stand & use your body correctly. Then, how to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your body while giving massage.

This will smooth your massage strokes and improve its quality.

On the course, you will * Learn an impressive range of massage techniques * Relax while receiving massage from other students * Use giving massage as a way to improve your mindfulness * Learn to use massage oils * Talk to massage therapists about taking the massage diploma course and working as a therapist

After the course, you will have access to our Online Virtual Campus, where you could replay the class’s video at home to reinforce and refresh your learning.

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Saturday, 3rd September 2022

Friday, 9th September 2022

Friday, 30th September 2022

Sunday, 9th October 2022

Saturday, 3rd December 2022

( courses are 10 AM-5 PM)

FEES £85 (refundable for those who book the massage diploma course). £80 each when two or more book together. The fee includes access to our online video portal.

Thinking About Taking The Diploma Course?

Taking the Introductory course is a great ‘Try-First’ step towards the diploma course. It will allow you to make a decision based on your experience, not on ‘wishful thinking’. We offer a few other ‘Try-First’ activities

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