Better Neck & Shoulders
One-day advance massage course
9 Benefits of Joining This Course
  • Superb range of massage techniques and skills
  • Taught by 23 years experienced tutor with 20.1 million YouTube views
  • Rich, active, well-remembered & fun learning style
  • Understand why neck & shoulders pain is so common
  • Which advice to give clients
  • Learn our 'Marketing Through Educating' clients' approach
  • Revise techniques by watching videos on our Virtual Campus
  • Learn treatment plans for clients suffering from neck & shoulder pain
  • The course counts towards your Continuous Professional Development
  • Sorry, one more: Holistic & remedial learning method
A Creative Approach To Massage

We don’t only teach massage techniques but also how to apply those techniques to different clients and how to develop your assessment, treatment plans and strategies. This 'out of the box' teaching approach helps you to implement what you learn into problems solving clients' issues. This method ensures a much better & effective treatment that clients love.

We start by exploring why many clients suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Next, we learn how to improve assessing the neck and shoulder and better communicate our findings with clients.

Of course, you will learn a good range of massage techniques. Please see below.

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Sunday, 7th May 2023



Location: 45 White Lion St, London, N1 9PW

What To Expect On The Course

This practical one-day course includes short, advanced theory lessons. This consists of some anatomy and the assessment process. An important aspect of this course is exploring mental health issues that influence the neck & shoulder.

Yet, most of the day will involve practice, so prepare your hands! In small groups, we will help you to develop your hands-on skills and improve the quality of those.

You Will Learn
  • Why is neck & shoulder pain is so common in our society?

  • Advance anatomy, physiology and pathology of the neck & shoulders

  • Assessment skills: questions you need to ask clients to understand how to treat each client

  • How to 'tailor' a treatment to each client

  • Massage techniques include positional release, deep tissue, stretch/mobilisation, traction, oscillation and more.

  • How to choose the best technique for each client's situation

  • Advice and exercise that improve the benefit of the massage. Clients love it.

  • How to market your skills through educating your clients.

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