Advance Relaxation Massage
9 Benefits Of Joining The Course

• Learn how to ‘communicate with the brain’ and persuade it to relax

• Bring relaxation massage into the highest level

• Superb range of relaxation techniques & how to perform those

• Learn from world-class tutors with 10+ million YouTube views

• Rich, active and well-remembered learning experience

• Revise by watching all courses’ techniques videos on our Online Course Companion

• This course is holistic, therapeutic and majestic!

• Learn to give exercise and advice to reduce stress

• For qualified therapists: counts towards your CPD

Stress: the 21st-century epidemic

Stress affects every aspect of our life and health.

This course takes the relaxation effect of massage into its highest level.

You will learn highly scientific (yet holistic) massage techniques and how to perform those to encourage the nervous system to ‘let go’.

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27th June 2020



Location: Platform, Hornsey Road Baths, 2 Tiltman Place, off Hornsey Road, London, N7 7EE

What To Expect On The Course

This practical course is full of massage techniques and skills, so prepare your hands! Even learning some theory is done during massage practice.

Bodyology emphasis teaching not only a wide range of massage techniques but also how to best apply those to different clients.

Tutors first will demonstrate certain massage techniques, and then you will practice in pairs while supervised by your tutor.

This approach will improve the quality of the massage you give. After the course, you will have access to our Online Course Companion, where you can:

• watch all the courses’ techniques video to reinforce and refresh your learning

• download files for further learning

• Ask tutors further questions

You Will Learn

Unlike most other massage courses which teach only massage techniques, Bodyology teaches a much broader range of skills. This method ensures you deliver a much better & effective massage treatment that clients will love.

  • Massage techniques such as Follow Homunculus, Mini Lever, Weight Reflex, Positional Release, Oscillation and more. How to choose the best technique for each clients’ situation
  • Why stress is so negative for our health and well-being
  • How the brain perceives stress and how to persuade it to relax
  • How to 'tailor' a treatment to clients with different stress
  • The advice you can give to clients to enhance relaxation. Clients love it.
  • How to market your skills
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