Bodyology Graduate 2009

“It took me a year to decide to take a course. I was really serious about it, because I wanted to make sure that I could attend lessons, had time to study and finance to pay for it. During the classes we gelled really well with the students, we supported each other, we were there for the same reason and going through the same things. They were my Bodyology family.”

Why did you choose massage?

My father had suffered a stroke and needed a massage therapy, that’s why I decided to take a course to take care of him.

What else would you do beside massage?

I’d be stuck in an office, working 12 hours a day as a document control manager.

How was your journey of enrollment in the massage course?

I spoke to a tutor, came to a tester day to make sure if I wanted to do it.

How was your journey through the course?

It was amazing, I had fun, although I didn’t have much sleep due to working from Monday to Friday.

What’s your life inspiration?

Years ago I was motivated by money, but now I’d like to have a life-work balance. What’s your motto?

Be kind not only to others, but to yourself too.

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