Bodyology Graduated 2009

Massage has always been something that is close to me. My partner is an osteopath so I already knew a lot about what body therapy can offer.

This course made me aware of the importance of improving my lifestyle and I now consider my posture and my diet a lot more, and I look at other peoples’ bodies differently. This all helps me to treat clients more holistically.

Lisa, why massage?

It’s a family thing for me

What profession would you choose if not massage therapy?

Teaching, Art, Reflexology

What is your life’s inspiration?

Life itself

What’s your life motto?

Hmm, it changes every few months

Advice you can give students?

Don’t stop learning

What’s your experience at Bodyology?

Wholesome learning

What do you like about Bodyology?

It gives a very good foundation to practice massage holistically

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