Bodyology Graduate 2012

“I worked in dental nursery and was looking for a career change. After graduation I still worked there part-time and combined it with doing massages. What I liked about Bodyology school was the chance to come for a trial day. I could try if this is for me, or it’s not for me. During classes we came together, helped each other, just like one big family.”

How was it since graduation?

I started doing massages part-time, and now I have about 20 clients every week.

Was there any attraction to massage for you as a profession?

I was receiving a regular massage for my legs, and thought I could do that too.

Do you think your decision was clearer because you came to the introduction day?


Would you recommend it to other people who are interested in the course?

I would recommend a trial day to everyone.

What was in the course that you remember especially?

Great teachers and atmosphere of involvement.

What would you recommend for those who are thinking about taking the course?

Go for it, don’t be fearful and make time for it.

What’s your source of inspiration?

I’m inspired by people and I like to study.

How do you see your future at work?

I see my future in massage and complementary therapy.

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