Bodyology Graduate 2012

“I always gave massage to my parents when I was younger and really enjoyed it. Realising that I liked doing this and learning anatomy as well, helped me to make a decision in favor of massage courses. I felt like the lectures and the structure of the course provided everything we needed. We had marketing, anatomy, physiology, pathology and techniques. We discussed many situations that could happen with clients.”

Why did you choose massage?

I was interested in biology and this school was a good chance for me to learn human anatomy deeper.

Why did you end up choosing Bodyology?

When I had a one-to-one meeting with its founder, I could ask the questions I had to make the final decision.

How was the course for you?

Very thorough. We learned everything we needed to work as massage therapists.

Did you find that the course prepared you well to work?

Yes. Definitely.

What are you doing for work right now?

I’m a full time massage therapist now.

What would you advise for prospective students?

Assess if massage is something that you enjoy doing in your free time.

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