Dror Steiner
Bodyology Founder

”I want to thank Bodyology’s tutors, admin and students for their mutual effort; teaching and learning from each other and enriching our lives.”

Dror came to massage from both an artistic and a scientific background.

“I was a dancer before entering into the world of massage. After being in a car accident seriously injuring myself I was looking for a new direction and massage seemed to merge the science and the art.

Also, massage really helped my recovery. Studying massage just opened my appetite to learn more, so I continued with a 2-year pre-medicine study, followed by 4 years of osteopathy and acupuncture.”

” I love working with people who have a positive outlook on their life.”

Dror, why massage?

Massage combined so many things that I love: movement, therapy, non-verbal communication, science, the art of healing and more. I feel lucky to have stumbled over it.

What profession would you choose if not massage therapy?

I have a long list! Psychotherapy or counselling, politics, photography, web programmer, environmental engineering or a chef. Is that enough?

What is your life’s inspiration?

I try to find inspiration in small things. Children, a smile, a new idea, something beautiful.

What’s your life motto?

”Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Thank you, Marianne Williamson.

Advice you can give students?

Take the sentence above, look at yourself in the mirror and tell it to yourself. The rest is easy.

What’s your experience at Bodyology?

A challenge! Not giving up or cutting corners. Creating the magic again and again with new students.

What do you like about Bodyology?

I like the honesty in teaching without cutting corners. I like the joy, the laughs, and the buzz.

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