Bodyology Graduate 2009

“I worked as an accountant when started to search for massage courses. I was used to my way of living and didn’t dare to change careers for a long time. The cost of courses looked unreasonably high for me, because I didn’t consider it as an investment. But after I talked to Bodyology founder, I changed my way of thinking. And now I have my own clinic.”

Why did you choose massage?

I gave massage to my parents, it helped to reduce their pain and brought me pleasure and relaxation as well.

Why did you decide to take it into a professional level?

One day I realised that I was doing not what I wanted, and followed the advice of my colleague to take a massage course.

What was different from your expectations of the course?

The content and style of teaching was quite amazing.

What inspires you?

Helping people feel better after massage.

What would you recommend to prospective students?

Look on the website and take time to do an intro course.

How things are now, after your graduated?

I have my own business now. I am very happy for that.

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