Bodyology Graduate 2009

“I had a background in teaching arts and design at secondary school, but I was also very curious about massage. Before taking a course I used any opportunity to visit the Bodyology massage school: I came to the open day, to the introduction day, and was really excited about everything I saw there. While studying, I liked the fact that there were a few teachers who came and explained everything in detail.“

Why did you choose massage?

My search was about finding a healthier way to take care of myself, but also I had curiosity about massage.

How was your experience in doing the course?

It was fantastic, really positive.

What stood out the most for you?

The teaching - it was very clear. What is your life inspiration or motto?

I think it’s to live every moment, as well as to relax and inspire in 60 minutes.

What would you advise the prospective students?

They need to try the introduction course, read testimonials on the website, if possible, speak with the students who are taking this course

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