Abi Goddard
Bodyology Graduated 2010

” I was fed up with working long hours in a fast-paced London job and thought massage would be a good career change as I could work for myself and I’ve always been interested in the human body, movement and sports. I took a week off work to reassess my options but by the end of it, I’d not made any progress so booked a massage to cheer myself up. Talking to the massage therapist about my frustrations helped me realise massage was the answer I’d been looking for!”

” I was concerned I may not be any good at massage, or that I’d find it too tiring, so I attended a One-Day Introduction to Massage Course at Bodyology and it gave me the confidence to sign up for the Holistic Massage Diploma Course. Meeting Dror and visiting the school at an open day helped me decide to train at Bodyology and Dror’s passion for massage made we want to learn more!”

Abi, what did you look for in a massage school?

I looked online for a professional standards body and quickly realised there were lots of different training organisations and no clear industry regulator. The Massage Training Institute (MTI) stood out as being professional with high standards of training and being truly holistic. So, I searched for an MTI school close to where I lived in London and found Bodyology.

How was your enrolment process?

Very easy.

How was your course?


What did you like about the course?

The course had an excellent pace with lots of visual learning. There was a good balance between theory and practical learning. The tutors were excellent – knowledgeable, entertaining, friendly and intuitive to students. Our assistant Vilda was also very helpful. The weekend classes fitted around my full-time job and my classmates and the tutors’ encouragement helped me learn. I am still in contact with some of my classmates now, which is helpful as we can share ideas and ask each other questions.

What did you gain personally and professionally from the course?

Personally, I have become a calmer, more open-minded and better-grounded person. I didn’t realise the magnitude of this journey until a few years after completing the training and also becoming a parent, but Bodyology was definitely the starting point of it all. Professionally, once I had completed and passed my training I felt equipped to massage but not confident enough to open my own practice.

I took a few years out focusing on my young family, but I always knew I would return to massage when the time was right. That time was when my oldest child started school. Having the flexibility of working for yourself around school hours is totally invaluable!

What will you recommend future students to prepare for the course?

Definitely take the one-day introduction course and talk to Bodyology’s tutors about the content and expected levels of study before committing to the massage diploma.

In a perspective of few years after the course finished, how has your experience at Bodyology shaped what you do now? Bodyology has given me the confidence to believe I am a good therapist. It has taught me to provide enjoyable and effective treatments that are led by the needs of individual clients, and to work with excellent posture. I have very high standards and expectations with regards to future training courses now. The next step will be to train in Sports and Remedial Massage.

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