” I didn’t know much about massage. Enrolling to the diploma course was for me a big commitment.

After taking a few ‘Try-First’ activities, I had the experience to make a confident decision.”

Raoof Modeliani
Prospective student, diploma course, 2013


Are you good and enjoying giving massage? This one-day practical course will give you the answer. Prepare your hands as most of the day will be spent giving and receiving massage. 

Also, you’ll meet our tutors and experience their teaching style and expertise. 

Even better: this course can be free if you end up taking the diploma (pay £75 now and we’ll deduct it from your diploma course fee).


Don’t believe our website!

Instead, join our Open Class and take an ‘inside look’ into a real diploma course session.

Meet our current students and ask them about their experience in Bodyology.

Observe our tutors and assistants teaching style and expertise.

Open Classes are free but have limited dates & places.


Taking the diploma course is an important decision. You might need some career advice. Why don’t you set up a meeting with Dror Steiner, Bodyolgoy founder over a cup of coffee/tea?
Dror has vast knowledge of massage and education and he is a good listener.

Subjects you might want to talk about are:
– Is massage the right career for you?
– Any concern about learning difficulties or disabilities?
– What’s the level of commitment?
To set up a meeting, please fill in the form.


What kind of massage therapists graduate from Bodyology? Receive a massage from one of them and you will know!

Bodyology’s Clinic Days are where our diploma course students offer massage to the general public for a small fee.


We love having students from around the world!
If English is not your native language, it is a good idea to take our English assessment. This will ensure that you have a ‘good enough’ level of reading, writing and speaking English.

However, your English does not have to be ‘perfect’ for you to take the course so don’t let this stop you.

Please email  for further details. 

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