Nine-months course, part-time (weekends or Fridays) Timetable

Highly accredited by leading UK associations. Can work in the UK & almost worldwide

Enrolment requires no prior knowledge. Many ‘Try-First’ activities before enrolling

Bodyology blends scientific & humanistic approaches in teaching body therapy

Highly effective & fun learning methods. Free E-learning for help & support


The enrolment process for the diploma is more comprehensive than simply ‘paying online’. We want to ensure you understand all course’s aspects & level of your commitment. Enrolment requires no prior knowledge.

To start the enrolment fills in the form below and we will contact you with more details. Or you can call +44(0)207 100 7903 or email


Enrolling to a massage course is a big commitment, so we offer various ‘Try-First’ activities (see below) for you to evaluate if massage is the right path for you & if Bodyology is the right school.

Taking the diploma course is an important decision. You might need some career advice.
Why don’t you set a meeting with Dror Steiner, Bodyolgoy founder over a cup of coffee/tea?
Dror has a vast knowledge in massage and education and he is a good listener 🙂
Subjects you might want to talk about:
– Is your English good enough to take the course?
– Any concern about taking the course such as learning difficulties or disabilities?
– Is now the right time for you to take the diploma course?
– Anything else you want to ask.
– Level of commitment
To set a meeting, email us on
Don’t believe our website! Instead, get an ‘inside look’ into a real diploma course session.
Meet our current students and ask them about their experience in Bodyology.
Observe our tutors and assistants teaching style and expertise.
It’s Free but we offer a limited dates & places.
Book now by emailing

Are you good and enjoying giving massage?

This one-day practical course will give you the answer.
Also, you’ll meet our tutors and experience their teaching style and expertise.

Even better: this course can be free if you end up taking the diploma (pay £75 now and we’ll deduct it from your diploma course fee).
Go to introduction course page 

FEES (2018)

Course fee £2,085
Course fee + Massage table (£150) – £2,125*
Course fee + Massage table £150 + Virtual Campus £200 = £2,335 Still £2,085*

* with early enrolment, limited supply. Read full terms

£100 discount when two or more students start enrolment together
£75 for those who take the Introduction Course

Payment by instalments & student loans are available

A deposit is required to secure a place on the course


By the time of your graduation, you will have become a confident, competent and fully qualified massage therapist. You will have the knowledge, practical and professional skills to work in any of the growing numbers of jobs in this sector, and be well equipped to launch a massage business of your own.


Winter weekends 2018
3-4 March 2018
24-25 March 2018
21-22 April 2018
12-13 May 2018
9-10 June 2018
30 June-1 July 2018
21-22 July 2018
8-9 September 2018
29-30 September 2018
27-28 October 2018
24-25 November 2018
Summer weekends 2018
14-15 July 2018
28-29 July 2018
8-9 September 2018
22-23 September 2018
13-14 October 2018
3-4 November 2018
1-2 December 2018
12-13 January 2019
2-3 February 2019
2-3 March 2019
23-24 March 2019
Fall Weekend 2018
10-11 November 2018
24-25 November 2018
15-16 December 2018
19-20 January 2019
16-17 February 2019
9-10 March 2019
6-7 April 2019
4-5 May 2019
25-26 May 2019
22-23 June 2019
13-14 July 2019
Fall Fridays 2018
30th November 2018
7th, 14th December 2018
4th, 18th, 25th Jan 2019
8th, 15th February 2019
1st, 15th March 2019
5th, 12th, 26th April 2019
10th, 24th, 31st May 2019
14th June 2019
5th, 12th, 26th July 2019
6th, 13th September 2019


Course’s topics can be summarise into three learning themes
* Theory and practical knowledge
* Building a professional relationship with your clients
* Building your massage business
A harmonised blend of those, will ensure your all-rounded professional development.


Basic concepts of body therapy
Anatomy physiology and pathology
Massage techniques, quality of touch
How to ‘tailor’ massage for each client
How to build a professional relationship with your clients
Clients assessments
How to build and run your own business
Giving advice, exercise & stress management to clients
The influence of stress and relaxation on Haman’s physiology, emotional and spiritual state
Anatomy, physiology and pathology of all the body system with emphasis on those important for massage therapist.
Basic and advance massage techniques
Clinic days (see clients under supervision)
How to combine massage techniques and strokes into a treatment
Managing massage sessions: consultation, interview skills, clients assessment, creating a treatment plan
Contraindications to massage
How to identify specific needs to improve client health
Exercises and other after-care advice
Other healthcare professions
Business management: insurance, book keeping and record keeping
Ethics: confidentiality, boundaries and the client-therapist relationship
Stress management
Setting up a practice: marketing and business laws
First aid
Listening and communication skills
Reflective practice & how to keep learning in the future


Bodyology Massage School is accredited by the Massage Training Institute (UK). 

The diploma course complies with the UK National Occupational Standards, the General Council for Massage therapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

Once graduated, you will be able to work in most of the world in any setting such as private practice, hotels, cruise ship, complementary/ beauty clinic, physio/osteopath surgeries, the NHS, even at Buckingham Palace but an invitation will be required 🙂


Picture that moment…You have just received your massage diploma!

We will help you find your first steps. Being with a school with good reputation means we have many clinics and agencies that are looking to hire Bodyology graduates. We will ensure they hire you.


Bodyology uses online cutting edge elearning software to help you revise and interact with the course materials. With the course companion you can:
Revise watching videos
Download course material
contact students/ tutors
Chat on the course wall

Upload any course materials

and lots lots more


This massage thing started small. A thought or a faint sense of change, an image in your head, a gentle wind of a hope for a change. Hard to put your finger on the exact moment.

But suddenly you take action. Searching, comparing, trying to make sense, curing your new journey. 

Classroom. Demanding. Hard & magic. Art & science. Deep learning. A new world opens, putting the flesh on your dream.

Graduation. You are a massage therapist. You feel confident, equipt with skills you have worked so hard for. You are ready, to start.

Working. Your client is here, ready for your help and magic, again.

You concentrate. Close your eyes. Breath.

You look at your hands. And you see your future.

Written by Dr. Dror Steiner. Osteopath, Bodyology founder 

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