Bodyology started with a guy called Dror Steiner.

It was a slow development. 2006. Bodyology gathered elements and pieces from different people, techniques and places.

“I have learned so much from so many people: my teachers, other Bodyology tutors, other body therapists and of course from students. it’s hard to say where and when Bodyology started”. Dror

The two questions that helped to shape Bodyolgoy were:
What makes a great massage therapist?
How can we teach it without ‘cutting corners’?

For our teaching style, we left all the boring power point presentation and others to the bubblier ‘active learning’ style. Students loved it.

Videoing the classroom as another important moment. We ‘lent’ Dror’s dad old video camera and started taping class demonstration. First sending students DVDs, then uploading it to TouTube and sharing it with the world! On January 2018 we have 32 thousand subscribers and 6.2 million views worldwide on our video. Number one in the UK, top ten worldwide.

Classes started to fill up. Friends bring friends. First page on Google. Daily comments on our YouTube channels. People come to try and stay as students, then became Bodyologists. Classes turned from small family to a small tribe. People meet likeminded people. Friendship established.

We keep learning and changing thanks for our students and graduates. It’s time to thank you all Bodyologists. You mean a lot to us.


We love to have students but prefer those who are making an informed decision based on experiences and information. We created a fantastic ‘Try-First’ enrolment process for our diploma courses. Give it a try!


We build our ethos by asking two simple questions:
What are the skills and qualities that great massage therapists need?
How to teach it without ‘cutting corners’?

Sounds simple? To be honest, this attitude is quite rare. There is a lot of ‘cutting corners’ around.

Our ethos is about being both hardcore scientific yet poetic and emotional softy, to enjoy using both sides of the brain, open the heart and extend giving hands.

We want students to have a positive learning experience that fills them with confidence which helps opening new doors.

We are an active and growing community. Our ethos is to use smart technology via the Virtual Campus, our online social network and learning zone, where they can chat, revise, ask questions, find jobs and seek advice on all aspects of massage.

Student success is measured not only in ‘passing exams’ but in how satisfy our graduates from moving into working as therapists. And what they achieve personally through the course.

Most of all, your success is ours.


We hold a holistic & humanistic approach to massage therapy based on human science and the art of healing.

We recognize the fast pace of life in the 21st century, and know that massage, once done by an expert, can tremendously help. We experience that massage can help clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Long lectures are boring!

Fun and interactive learning is so much better.
We achieve that by:
using students’ senses
learning from real life scenarios rather than books
working in small groups when ‘everybody trying’
role playing
Body painting on models to illustrate the muscles

We teach students to ‘think massage’ and find solutions, not simply give those to them. Bodyology lessons are usually noisy, where everybody expresses themselves, trying things out, even arguing their point of view. This is where true learning and growth happen.

We don’t teach in ‘boxes’. It’s common that during an anatomy lesson, we end up talking about spirituality, emotions and the society around us.

We encourage our students’ curiosity by asking them to find out answers, while we support this process.


We teach a range of massage techniques, methods and qualities and how to select the most effective approach to suit each client’s personal circumstances. We don’t ‘cut corners’ by teaching you how to only pass the final exam, but how to become a great massage therapist.

We also expose students to real life scenarios very early on in the course and ask them, by trial and error, to find the best way to treat each client. Of course, we are never too far away to help them.


Students are coming from all walks of life, from ‘high achievers’ to those who struggle with learning difficulties. We support each student where & when they need it and at the level they need it. Tutors can adapt the learning style to suit students’ learning style.

Students’ improvement happen by continues feedback they received from tutors, which tell them what they doing well and how to improve to the next level.

We are very dedicated to teach studnest self reflection- the ability of each student to give feedback for themselves is the king. This is a great tool to allow you to keep growing after the course ends. This achieved by supporting students with their intuition, ‘emotional intelligence’, problem based learning, self discovery, real life scenarios, encouragement of personal development, group work, trusting yourself and more. Its hard to understand this subject, but we will be happy to meet with you!


“ I love the fact that technology can help us learning, bring people with same ideas together and help your revision”. Dror, Bodyology founder.

We are one of the only massage schools worldwide that offers an access to the Online Virtual Campus, the Online Course Companion, which is access via any phone or computer.

Here you can find hundreds of hours of massage videos, classes and massage topics. Students can post any question and tutors (or other students). More personal feedback is offered via email or personal meeting.


A great massage therapist is not the one who achieve a higher exam score, but the one who is also personally developed. Personal development is something you will hear a lot during our courses.

Students personal development may include emotional intelligence, communication skills, listening skills, posture improvement, self confidence, physical & emotional wellbeing and much more.


We don’t teach by ‘tick in the box’. We carefully observe how students develop effective massage skills. We dislike those schools who teach ‘massage routine’ and don’t pay attention to the quality of touch.

High quality education pays on the long run. Quality education is the best investment in yourself. You will be as good as what you put into your education.

Bodyology is different from conventional massage schools as it teaches students how to tailor treatment to each client’s needs. Simply, each one of us is unique.

Bodyology is not for absolutely everyone. We believe that quality learning takes time and effort, so if you are looking for ‘quick fix’ training with minimal effort, we may not be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for an engaging massage course, high quality education that pays in the long run, an opportunity to meet passionate and experienced tutors and learn with like-minded students … then join the revolution!

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