This course is the ‘real thing’, nothing fluffy or superficial here

Holistic, therapeutic & remedial approach to hot stone massage A two-day course for qualified massage therapists. Counts towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Rich and active learning experience Superb range of techniques and skills Once the course ends, watch all course techniques videos on our Online Course Companion



DATES Please contact us for future dates Lessons are 10AM-6PM FEES £240 £220 Early booking


Clients love hot stone massage as it combines the therapeutic effect of a deep tissue massage with the relaxation effect of deep heat. Therapist love hot stone massage as it helps to perform a deep tissue massage easier. Therapists enjoy a new creative element in their work and (according to our students’ testimonials) attract additional clients. Hot stone massage warms the muscles and connective tissue, allowing you to go deeper while saving your fingers & thumbs from injury. Bodyology’s teaching emphasizes deep massage with the stones rather than any superficial treatment. Hot stone massage therapy will be enormously beneficial to your clients and a great asset to your practice! Bodyology offers a rich and active learning experience which will teach you not only superb techniques but also a great deal more: –  Free access to the Hot Stone Massage Course on our Virtual Campus with hours of videos, images you can use on your website and more. –  Marketing skills to help you better reach potential clients and to speed the growth of their business


This course is packed with skills such as how to set the hot stone station, clean your set and more. There are many massage techniques so prepare your hands! Tutors first will demonstrate certain massage techniques, then you will practice in pairs and will be supervised to improve the quality of the massage you give. After the course, you will have access to our online videos, so you can replay the class video at home to reinforce and refresh your learning. On the day you will learn: The history and various styles of hot stone massage Setting up and cleaning the hot stone massage station The effects of hot and cold temperature on the body Techniques and strokes used in hot stone massage including side-lying massage Contraindications and safety issues The incorporation of other techniques

I enjoy Dror’s (our tutor) energy and commitment, supporting students when needed. Above all, his passion for massage- it’s infectious! Lisa

I have learned so much in one day! I love the massage with tai chi and dancing movement! Really fun learning. The way you taught me makes me want to give massage. Micheal

It was hard for me to choose massage school. I took the Introductory course, met the tutor, came to open day. Don’t enrol anywhere else until you at least try Bodyology! Nataliya

I love watching your YouTube channel but taking the course exceeds my expectation. The whole experience really touched me. Thanks and bless you. Dorota


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Central location, near Kings Cross! University of London,  Mallet Street, London, ENC1 7YH


During the hot stone massage course, you will practice with a set of Basalt stones specially developed by Bodyology. At the end of the hot stone massage course, you can purchase a set of stones from us or from another supplier. We strongly recommend that you do some research on different sets of massage stones but do not buy any before the hot stone massage course!


Before practising hot stone massage, many practitioners consider the number of stones in the set as the most important feature – i.e. ’more means better’. But in fact, the most important consideration is the weight of the stones.
It is the basalt in the stone which retains the heat. If you want more heat to be transferred to your client’s body you have to have more ‘stone’ in the stones!
An average hot stone set (with up to 40-50 stones) has a weight of 4-5 Kg, with many small stones that retain minimal heat (and get cool faster). Bodyology hot stones set weighs about 7-8 Kg or more! The extra weight will ensure you have more heat ‘under your hands’ to deliver a longer time to your client. This also means you need to change stones less often. Are heavier stones too heavy to use? Certainly not!

Our stones are all tested to ensure therapist comfort. Another important issue is the stones’ surface. A very smooth and shiny stone may look great, but in reality, those stones glide on the skin resulting in a superficial massage. Bodyology hot stones originate from the volcanic mountains around the Jordan valley and have been smoothed over millions of years on their way down to the Sea of Galilee. Bodyology hot stones are cleaned, sorted, packed and labelled based on size and function. As bodies are different shapes and sizes, our stones reflect this in their varied sizes and shapes. A good working stone has angles and curves to allow the therapist access to hard to reach muscles.


1 Sacrum stone
2 Large Effleurage and 4 Small Effleurage
4 Neck stones
2 Hand placement stones
8 Toe stones
5 Facial stones
4 Chakra stones
2 Acupressure stones
Total 32 stones

With purchasing the set, you have a lifetime warranty: any broken stone will be replaced.

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