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 Deep Tissue Massage Course. Press to impress

Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular massage techniques.

If done well, you can transform your client into a pain-free, relaxed and happy being.
Done badly, deep tissue massage is a licence to abuse in the name of ‘no pain no gain’.

This course is a mixed level for both beginners and advanced students. We will have enough tutors to help each one of you.

Included on the day:
• Short theory explanation: benefit of deep tissue massage
• Deep tissue techniques using the Petrissage, compression and trigger point
• Using your body weight as a force for ‘going deep’
• Hands free deep tissue: forearm and elbow techniques
• How to ensure you’re effective yet not hearting your client
• Emotional factors in giving deep tissue massage
• Apply deep tissue on the back, neck, shoulders and limbs

This course will be taught by Dror Steiner. Dror is an osteopath and massage therapy and a legend on YouTube (hmm, an overstatement?) with almost 4 million views on his videos (Bodyology was elected as one of the 2016 Top Ten Massage channel on YouTube!)

8th October 2017. 10AM-6PM

Course fee include a free access to Bodyology’s Online learning Deep Tissue Course, with many hours of videos to refresh your memory on techniques we show you in class.
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