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Bodyology the Concept

Our approach to teaching massage

Bodyology is a unique approach to massage and to teaching massage. Our teaching philosophy is to create a fun and interactive environment. In our experience, when students are actively involved and enjoy learning, they will retain information much better. We have adopted 'Reflective Practice' as our teaching method. It uses ᾿emotional intelligence’, problem-based learning, self discovery, real-life scenarios, encouragement of personal development, group work and other exciting teaching methods as a way to reach professional excellence. We encourage our students' curiosity by asking them to find out, while we support them 'getting it right'. We also put a lot of effort into supporting students who find learning difficult.

Teaching Theory

You will learn anatomy, physiology and pathology through a range of activities making your Bodyology experience lively and fun. Our Virtual Campus is accessible to all Bodyology students and graduates. It contains quizzes, videos and workshops to enhance your learning experience and enable you to share information with a community of therapists.

Teaching Massage Practice

Massage practice is taught by using tutors’ demonstrations that are filmed so you can replay the class’s video at home to reinforce and refresh your learning (DVDs are free). This is followed by tutors supervising students giving massage to each other. Bodyology is different from conventional massage schools as it teaches students to put each client at the centre of the treatment by ᾿tailoring’ the treatment for their needs.

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