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Bodyology Tutors

Bodyology was founded to improve the status of massage in the UK through offering the highest possible quality of instruction within courses certified by recognised professional accreditation.

Dror Steiner


My initial career was to be a dancer. My journey into massage started rather unexpectedly in 1997, with a car accident which left me badly injured and put an end to my dancing career.

After months in hospitals and an uncomfortable year spent limping, it was remedial massage therapy that eventually delivered the route to recovery which I had been longing for.

Before my accident, I didn’t think much of massage. But its success in treating my injuries showed me how big an effect massage could have on someone’s life. It was a personal discovery that would later lead me to passionately promote massage to my clients and students.

Thrilled by my continuing improvement, I enrolled to take the massage diploma course at the Swedish Institute in New York, one of the oldest massage schools in the world. Studying at the Swedish Institute, I immediately felt that this was my new path. It sparked a passion to learn more about bones, muscles, posture and the effect of relaxation on the human body.

After graduation, my next decision was to enrol to study pre-medicine at Hunter College University, New York. Personally, that was a huge step for me considering my high school-fuelled fear of science, but my passion to learn was stronger. My goal was to merge the knowledge of anatomy and human science with a rich and creative healing wisdom. For that reason I combined biology, maths, physics, chemistry and anatomy with massage, Shiatsu, Reiki and healing.

I found that, as I let go of my preconceptions, studying science allowed me to understand nature’s secrets - a truly spiritual experience. I loved the balance between science and art and this became the guiding principle for Bodyology-to-come.

In 2000 I moved to London to study osteopathy and naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM). At BCOM I advanced my studies of body therapy, nutrition, psychology and clinical science. I graduated in 2004. A year later I was ready to share my knowledge with others and opened Bodyology Massage School.

My goal in founding Bodyology was to improve the status of massage in the UK through offering the highest possible quality of instruction within courses certified by recognised professional accreditation.

Studying massage in the United States, where massage has a high professional reputation and massage therapists are well respected, gave me a different perspective on the British system, where massage had traditionally been associated with the beauty industry. The American model inspired the school which Bodyology has become.

One teaching approach adopted by Bodyology is 'Reflective Practice'. This method uses ᾿emotional intelligence’ as a way to reach professional excellence. We use problem-based learning, real-life scenarios, encouragement of personal development, group work and other exciting teaching methods. We also put a lot of effort into supporting students who find learning difficult.

Today, I see teaching as a commitment to my students, helping and guiding them to a new profession. This is my way of passing on the knowledge I received from my many teachers, amongst whom I would highlight the remarkable Roger Persell and Dr. McSweeny from Hunter College University of New York.

One of the most rewarding aspects of running Bodyology School is seeing our students succeed both on the course and in their professional careers. It is rare not to see our graduate students coming back to take another course with us - a sign of their trust in our teaching.

I enjoy working with people who make positive choices about their health and wellbeing. And I love students who ask questions.

As I lift a bottle of massage oil, I sometimes say to my students ᾿with this bottle of oil we change the world, one client at a time...’ Welcome to the journey of studying massage.

I would be happy to answer your questions.

Sally Morris

Sally Morris

Sally has over 30 years experience working in the field of health. Her qualifications include general and psychiatric nursing, holistic massage, teaching, counselling, co-active coaching, Reiki (master level), reflexology, Indian head & 'on-site' massage. She is also a Massage in Schools instructor with special needs experience and has a host of advanced skills in her repertoire.

Sally has gained extensive experience in teaching and practicing massage. She began teaching massage in 1993 and joined the Massage Training Institute as a registered tutor (massage, anatomy, physiology & pathology) in 1995. It is her passion to bring the power of touch and connection to as many people as possible.

My life’s work has been to understand and harness the healing power of connection; connection to self, other and all that is. I combine the elements of touch and connection in my therapeutic and teaching work.
My fascination with health and healing began over 30 years ago during my training in General and Psychiatric Nursing and Counselling.
I began to appreciate the importance of mind, body, spirit awareness in health which led to an interest in complementary therapy training. Twenty years on from there, I have amassed a wealth of learning and experience which I integrate into my teaching and therapeutic practice.

Alongside my Holistic Massage and Bodywork, Reflexology and a variety of advanced massage practices, I am also a Co-Active Coach (CTI Co-Active Coaching and Leadership training), a Reiki Master and a ‘Massage in Schools’ Instructor with Special Needs experience. As MD and Creative Director of ‘On the Spot’, I organise on-site treatments at exhibitions, events, festivals and work places throughout the U.K.

James Graham

James Graham Teacher

James graduated from Bodyology’s massage diploma course graduate in 2012, but has 12 years experience working in complementarily therapy.
James was first fascinated about massage and Reiki after a mountain bike racing accident, which left him with long term shoulder and back pain. He found great help from massage and Reiki as a client.

He first trained in Reiki about 12 years ago and has been practicing ever since. Currently James is a certified Master (teacher).

Massage came a little later after a long period of working as a theatre actor. He finally decided to get off the tour bus (no more shows outside London tube zone 2!) and settled in north London. After discovering Bodyology he was quickly pulled in by the enthusiasm and passion of their teaching methods and was awarded his diploma in Holistic Massage in December 2012 and feels very privileged to now be a ‘Bodyologist’ himself.

James currently teaches the introduction and the diploma course in Bodyology, and brings a lot of fun to these classes.

Rachel Francis


Assistant tutor 
Rachel Francis has a successful massage practice in Islington and specialises in pregnancy massage. She is also qualified as a baby massage instructor. Rachel came to massage after ten years of working in the charity sector hoping to achieve a better work-life balance and graduated from the Bodyology massage diploma course two years ago. Rachel enjoys teaching massage in a way that puts the client at the centre of the treatment.